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Carved Walrus Ivory Figures on Fossilized Whale Bone

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Authentic Alaska carved walrus ivory figures on fossilized whalebone vertebra.

Aleut scene purchased at Iditarod auction in Alaska in 1996. Base measures 18" across at narrowest point. Includes 12 people (adults approximately 1-1/8",) 3 seals (approximately 1-3/4" across base,) gut house (3-3/4" across,) soapstone igloo (2" tall, 3-3/4" front to back,) ivory boat (3-1/4") with paddle, fish drying rack (3-1/2" across, 1-1/4" tall,) and assorted dogs, a fire pit, and line hanging rack. All items mounted on a piece of fossilized whale bone vertebra. Legal to own in U.S., buyer responsible if shipped outside U.S.

Hard to find display item. Mint condition with no breaks or chips observed.

3-day inspection privilege. Return for refund less all shipping, insurance and eBay fees. If you have any questions, please contact me by e-mail

Simplex 400

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carving detail
boat detail
fish drying rack
Toss close-up


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