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# 84626108


George Simeonov is known only to the world's serious creel collectors for his meticulous handcrafted leather creels. His workmanship is legendary.

This old (probably 1930's era) green-dyed, French weave, size #3 creel is in excellent condition with no breaks or gaps. And the superb leatherwork shows the attention to detail that George is famous for. Chrome brass front buckle, harness buckle and harness loops. Top grade tanned cowhide in a natural finish. Includes matching handcrafted creel harness. Everything hand stitched with premium waxed linen thread. In fact all of George's work is done by hand, no machine work whatsoever. And he used only the best materials in the creation of this modern masterpiece. His solid copper acid-etched nameplate guarantees authenticity.

The care he takes in working the leather really shows in the close-up photos below. George uses the finest leather working tools in the world permitting, arguably, the sharpest detail in handcrafted leather creels today. The even patterns, delicate designs, and dramatic artistry all combine to form a modern day classic.

This is a unique opportunity to own a high quality handcrafted creel. It would surely be the centerpiece of many creel collections. George produces so few creels that they are highly sought after, most going directly into large collections. Better put this one in yours.

Thanks to all bidders who made this auction successful. This item sold for $3050 on Monday April 5th. Let The Antique Angler help you successfully sell your quality collectibles on eBay. Our Pro Services page shows you how. (KH 9:10 p.m. 4/5/99)

George Simeonov Handcrafted Leather Fishing Creel


George Simeonov Hancrafted Leather Creel #84626108

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Harness detail
Stitch detail
Buckle detail
Nameplate detail
Top detail
Top detail
Creel top


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