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This is an example of a listing page that was prepared to offer a high-grade, handcrafted creel to the buyers of the eBay auction community. In addition to the normal eBay listing, a link will be provided that will lead to a page on our server that will provide additional high quality photos and item information like you see below.

Notice the quality of the photography and the accurate description of the item. This particular listing resulted in the item selling over the reserve price. What could we do for you?

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# 93069196


George Simeonov handcrafted leather fishing creel with front pocket and matching harness


George Simeonov is making a name for himself in the creel collecting community. He is known for his highly detailed, all hand-worked leather creels. This basket shows his talent at its best. And there's an innovation that makes it even more special.

Finished just last week, this creel is based on a size #3 French weave Japanese basket, probably from the 1940's. It is in excellent condition with no breaks or gaps. The wicker is a beautiful light honey-oak. Top grade tanned cowhide in a natural finish. All hand detail, no machinery used. Beautiful half leather lid with intricate floral motif and inch scale. Front pocket with matching floral motif and weave pattern, and two adjustable closure straps. Everything hand stitched with premium waxed linen thread. All solid brass snaps, buckles and harness rings. Matching detailed leather harness included. As always, his solid copper acid-etched nameplate guarantees authenticity.

You'll see the care and craftsmanship George put into this creel in the close-up photos below. Be sure to study the fine detail and the exceptional workmanship. George uses the best leather working tools in the world permitting, arguably, the sharpest detail in handcrafted leather creels today. This creel brings with it a new level of artistry, taking its place as another modern day classic.

The innovation I spoke of earlier is in the way he has hidden snaps behind the buckles on the front pocket straps. You can quickly unsnap the straps to access the pocket., yet the straps are still fully adjustable with the buckles. The genius is in the simplicity of the design. A classic George Simeonov touch and unique to his creels. (shown in photo below)

Another interesting touch that George added to this basket is the short buckle post. Most buckle posts are long and put stress on the buckle strap when opening or closing. That's why you see so many broken straps on old creels. These work just right. They hold tight, yet release easy. (shown in photo below)

This is a unique opportunity to own a George Simeonov handcrafted creel. Perhaps some of you had the opportunity to see the creel that George allowed me to offer last month on eBay (see: previous creel) that one sold for $3050. This creel is even more desirable because of the front pocket design, extensive handcrafting on the pocket and lid, and his buckle snap innovation. A special creel that belongs in a special collection. Reserve price is $2500. Good luck bidding.

George Simeonov creel with leather pocket eBay#93069196

Click on any thumbnail below to see a close-up view:

short buckle post
harness detail with brass components
creel with harness
etched copper nameplate
pocket detail
lid inch scale
side view
#3 top detail
snap innovation detail
lid detail

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