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Marketing support services for the sporting collectibles community. Put our marketing expertise to work to grow your business, or your collection.

Dealer Online Catalogs

If you regularly produce and mail a catalog to a large mailing list, this service is for you. Let us take your current catalog and put it on the Internet. Potential buyers worldwide will be able to view (and print) your online catalog from any computer with Internet access.

If you are a dealer of quality sporting collectibles contact us about showing your online catalog here. It's affordable and you can update it at any time. You might be able to totally eliminate your snail-mailing blues (and expenses!) while you expand your client base worldwide. Not bad!

We charge an initial $100 set-up fee and $75/hour to convert your text file to an Adobe Acrobat ".pdf" file for online use. Most catalogs take 2-4 hours to convert, format and post to the server. Updates are $75/hour (one hour minimum charge) and you can update as often as you like. Did you just purchase a large collection? Update your online catalog today. Just attach a text file to an e-mail note and we'll make the changes.

We store your catalog on our server free of charge, there is no monthly fee.

Custom Collector & Dealer Web Pages

If you are a collector or dealer of sporting collectibles you can have your own web pages within The Antique Angler website. Forget the hassle of designing and maintaining a full-blown web site. We offer your business a high quality, low-cost alternative. Includes free e-mail links back to your home or business.

You get the benefits of a professionally designed web presence, we do the work. Limited to sporting collectible community only.

For web page design and digital photography we charge $75/hour. Updates are billed at $75/hour and are usually posted within two business days. And we can host your site for just a $25 month.

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The Antique Angler eBay Listing Service


The safe and easy way to sell your quality sporting collectibles on eBay, the industry's leading collectibles auction web site.Your anonymity is assured and your collectibles are sold at fair value for a nominal fee. It's a perfect solution for selling an item, or an estate.

Two levels of participation:

PLAN "A" we help you list your item, take photography (or post your photos,) write detailed description and post your listing to eBay, and you monitor and complete the transaction, or

PLAN "B" we handle the whole process for you. (We work with you to establish a fair market value, take quality photos, write an accurate description and list item for sale on eBay. We monitor the auction, answer bidder questions, complete the sale, ship the item and issue you a check.)

Both plans include links between The Antique Angler web site and your eBay listings.

Let us apply our proven marketing expertise to help you get full value for your collectibles.

Listing Service Fees:

(This applies to all listings, whether you provide photos that we scan, or we shoot high quality digital images)
$50 fixed charge
(includes multiple photos as necessary)
Writing detailed description/posting eBay listing:

(Includes working with you to write an accurate description, posting photos to our server, and listing on ebay.
You monitor bidding and conduct sales transaction)
$50 fixed charge
+charges reimbursement
(eBay listing fees)
Complete sale transaction:

(We take care of the complete process and send you a check at transaction completion)
10% of sale price ($75 min.)
+charges reimbursement
(eBay listing fees)


If your item does not sell for at the reserve price (set by you) you pay only the $50 image fee, and reimburse for any eBay listing fees. You owe no additional fees. We guarantee that you will sell your item at your reserve price, or better!

*Note for IMAGE FEE: If you choose PLAN "A" and want us to take photos of your item and monitor the sale yourself, you are responsible for shipping and insurance charges to and from The Antique Angler in Anchorage, Alaska (you maintain possession of your item.) If you choose PLAN "B" you are responsible for shipping and insurance only to The Antique Angler (we maintain possession of your item.) We shoot digital images for high quality and quick postings.

Winning eBay bidder pays for shipping and insurance. We accept checks and money orders and hold item after sale until payment clears our bank. A smooth transaction is guaranteed for both you and the buyer. We guarantee buyers satisfaction on all purchases. A 3-day return privilege is extended on all purchases. If eBay winning bidder returns item for refund (they are responsible for return postage and insurance) we will re-list the item one time per eBay relisting policy. You only pay any additional eBay fees. Our aim is to provide an environment of trust and honesty in the sale and purchase of quality sporting collectibles.

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